twenty three


Today I am 23.  I receive socks, homemade granola, lip balm, a tiny glass meant for single-serving wine nights and am genuinely pleased.  Throw in a miniature pin and some itty bitty liquor nips and I am completely over the moon- boy do my people know me well.  It’s the first birthday where I’m even slightly hesitant to answer how old am I noooowwww and that, my friends, does not bode well for 30.

However unsavory the idea of celebrating the 23rd reunion of my birth may be, this day itself has been absolutely amazing so far.  I spent the entire morning surrounded by my favorite people, we worked on Coma all day, and the sweet barista at Seven Stars even bumped up my small chai to a medium, adding a special birthday message to my cup, to boot.  There were chocolate dipped coconut macaroons and a strawberry-coated cake in my honor.  How special do I feel?  Very.  Terrified of how quickly the years seem to pass as I rack up yet another into my collection of 20’s, but special, yes very.

Cheers to facing fears and 23 years!  Have a piece of cake for me tonight.

6 thoughts on “twenty three

  1. Enjoy the day and plan your future slowly beyond just ballet. Sounds tough to be in a profession where you must be physically fit and look lovely too. 2 things that society makes it very hard on women.

    I enjoyed my 55 last year. This year I’m recovering from a head injury –another cyclist collided into me.

    • Jean,
      Thank you for your insight. It is a very tough profession to be in for so many reasons, the physical condition being one that extends so far beyond rehearsal hours. I am studying for a degree in Journalism, not only to prepare me for a life after ballet, but to keep me reminded that life outside the ballet world does in fact exist! It’s so easy to get swept up in all of it…thanks for the comment!

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