swing into theatre week

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Last year I flew, suspended by a harness and some thin wire, up over the stage and off to Neverland, hand-in-hand with a magical boy whose very essence seemed to hold the key to eternal youth.  This year, my stiff body swings motionless to the sound of tolling bells while my unreachable mind mistakes hospital fluorescents for a warm sun in its dreaming, comatose state.  Although it seems contrast roosts at their core, these two “stunts” both required a special rehearsal in the theatre prior to the official onset of tech week.  And rehearse we did…

Last night the 6 dancers of Coma involved in the swinging segments (4 coma patients, 2 “Dark Angels”) headed to The Vets to bring one of this ballet’s most defining elements to fruition.  Inspired by this image from the 1978 film of the same name, Coma uses floating swings, dramatic moving lights and the commanding combination of stirring strings with sparse arpeggios to leave a lasting effect on its audience.  Have I mentioned that I cannot wait to perform it?

for tickets.

PS- Follow along with FBP’s instagram @festivalballetprovidence as I do a bit of a theatre-week-takeover!

PPS- A great article shedding some perceptive light on Coma here.

PPS- Check out my interview alongside Coma choreographer Viktor Plotnikov on The Rhode Show here.


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