sunday morning


Yesterday I went from flat shoes to pointe shoes to flat shoes to pointe shoes to flat shoes to pointe shoes.  That’s 5 shoes changes, with 0 exaggeration.  A constant alternation of footwear from death traps to soggy canvas slippers can only mean one thing:  Up Close On Hope is just around the corner.

With just one month left in the season (crazy), my inherent and at times unhinging need for sunshine and warm weather has been kicked into the highest gear.  Luckily this lazy Sunday morning has served up some sunny windowsills, and I’m more than content eating spoonfuls of cinnamon raisin almond butter/strawberry preserves (game-changing combination, you guys), drinking tea, watering my new “love fern” and reading some short stories by the raddest B.J. Novak.  Have you guys read his new book, One More Thing?  I heard about it over on A Cup Of Jo, and was hooked by the simplicity of one of the shortest stories in Novak’s collection…

“If you love something, let it go.  If you don’t love something, definitely let it go.  Basically, just drop everything, who cares.”  Made me laugh…

I’m off to a photoshoot with the lovely Andrew Marnier, have a relaxing Sunday, all!

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