get lost


I’ve grown to love my remarkably terrible sense of direction.


It leads me off the beaten path, through the scenic route and onto adventures I wouldn’t have otherwise found.  This extended summer has provided ample time for such misguided endeavors, whether that means sipping iced tea to the sounds of the Grey Album

FullSizeRender 19 IMG_1770

Or driving an hour sans copilot in pursuit of a solo beach trip, only to realize I’ve forgotten my wallet in Providence and will have no way to pay for parking.  Luckily for me, a small portion of Westport, MA agrees that our beaches should be free for all to enjoy, and my absentmindedness led to the discovery of this little slice of nirvana- free of charge:

IMG_1771 IMG_1769IMG_1768

To those of you possessing the inner compass that will forever allude me, I suggest you “pull a Keeks” (as my friends so lovingly refer to it).  Get lost.  Forget the map, miss the exit, take the wrong turn.  Follow the road until you hit water, flowers, lights, buildings, trees, the edge…

Leave no breadcrumbs, no stone unturned.  You may just find something worth finding.

FullSizeRender 18

PS- for more on loving your flaws, check out my guest post over at onballence.

3 thoughts on “get lost

  1. I love this. I’m horrible at directions as well. When I moved to another country with my husband, it took awhile before I had a phone with GPS. But I wanted to explore. I got lost a hundred times but found a street with the most spectacular graffiti and my favorite falafel place (only 6 shekels! That’s like two dollars or less than depending on the exchange rate!). Sometimes I would just walk around without a destination in mind and that’s how I found some of our favorite restaurants. Great post. Looks like you had a fantastic journey! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Navigating in another country is an entirely new level of exploration (re: losing your way “on purpose”, haha). So happy to hear it led you to such yummy discoveries! Thanks for the comment. xx

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