f r i y a y


A few links to peruse with your apertivo…happy friday!

Have you signed up for this free webinar yet?

What It’s Really Like To Be A Ballerina“- an interesting read and some harsh truths about ballet life from Raleigh Ballet Dancer Elice McKinley for Cosmopolitan

Kingdom of Style- my studio to street look featured on the blog of the muse and creator herself.

Dare to dancehealthier.

Life in Circles– a Canadian writer/director is making a ballet film in London & she needs your help.

Mahallia is feeling feelings. & doing something about it! Plus she went to Iceland. Cool.

Help Alyssa launch her leotard rental project.

I wrote a guest post about growing up for Opra Dancewear.  It contains some inner thoughts and lots of run-on sentences, weeee!

Do you live in/near Rhode Island? Do you live in Texas?  Either way, you should check out FBP’s 38th Season, it’s going to be a fun one.

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