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This past Saturday, A and I were asked to represent FBP at Trinity Repertory Company‘s Season Kickoff Party.   The day-long event featured live performances from over 30 theater, dance, and musical ensembles from across the state, all free and open to the public.  Just the first of what will hopefully become an annual gathering, the event lent a healthy space for the growing excitement of loyal performance art fans, as well as a welcome cultivation of new ones.  And it sure got me anxiously awaiting the first day of FBP’s 38th season!

A and I presented a short video clip previewing the coming season, and it had me missing those long days in the 4th street studios like you wouldn’t believe.  We even introduced the works to our (new?) audience a bit- though we would have much preferred to be dancing.  What is it about silent expression that feels so much more natural?  Well at least we practiced our public speaking skills, and in the company of professional projectors, no less.  Proud.

Clearly I had a good time exploring the backstage area (when I should have been studying my lines).  Check out some of my snaps below, if you’d like…


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