monday, monday


I’ve been busy getting back into shape for my first (pre-season!) performance this Thursday night(!!!) and if the excessive use of exclamation points wasn’t enough of a giveaway, let it be known that I am EXCITED about it.   Here’s some fun from around the web I’m poring over with a side of English Breakfast this morning…

Absolutely love Pittsburgh Ballet Theater’s new season preview video.  Those overhead shots!  Also Clair de lune will never get old.

What do you think of the death of the American Dance Critic?

…on that note, this dance reviewer just articulated exactly how I feel about So You Think You Can Dance. (and pointed out the show’s annoyingly over guided approach to generating an emotional response from its audience.  Amen.)

Did you guys catch this webinar?  It was so inspiring.  Can’t wait to try out Shelby’s recipe for ginger nut butter this afternoon!

Also going to make these, because I have a serious pile of dead bananas at zee moment.

“I want to be a ballet dancer more than anything.” An old 1974 60 Minutes special covering an audition day for the school at American Ballet Theatre.


4 thoughts on “monday, monday

  1. I found the article on SYTYCD fascinating- I often found that I was “guilted” into supporting certain pieces through interviews and explanations. I think I find it so problematic because most dancers do not ever have the chance to explain everything in a talking head; why are they here?

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