thoughts on solo dwelling


Last Thursday night, preparing for my performance at Waterfire’s Fire Ball event, the entirety of my dark-colored clothing collection spewed from my closet like a rumpled maze of fabric on my apartment floor.  In this moment, attempting to define a dress code* of “Barnaby Black” (black tie? Barnaby turtleneck and jeans?) I did not like living alone.

DSC06790 (1)

This morning, as I readied myself for day two of Season 38 with FBP, I sat on the curved edge of the bathtub- bathroom door wide open- cutting my toenails half naked and singing along to a song whose title I’m too embarrassed to share.  Then I remembered how much I love living alone.

Happy Wednesday friends.

*Special thanks for A & D for picking me up early, telling me which dress to wear and convincing me that heels were necessary.  That was impressive.  You guys rock.

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