happy f r i d a y


Just some fun reads from the web for your Friday…

Opening Ceremony Choreographs the Runway, with some help from Justin Peck and the New York City Ballet.  Pretty slideshow here.

“Margot Fonteyn said if audiences knew what pain the dancers were enduring, only people who enjoyed bullfights could bear to watch it.” Portrait of a dancer, with Lauren Cuthbertson of the Royal Ballet.  The first of a series of 3 video portraits of Royal Ballet dancers from British director Andrew Margetson.  Incredible.  Next up, Steven McRae and Sarah Lamb.

Speaking of Sarah Lamb, here’s an interview in which she discusses ballet and politics.  “Juliet is a feminist.”  Badass.

Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre in one of my favorite ballet’s of all time, Wayne Mcgregor’s Chroma.

Would you ever consider a gap year?

I’ve been making like Mahallia and rearranging my apartment all week.  The newness of a shifted bookcase just feels so fresh.  Would you like to see some when I’m finished?

Get ready to creep on some epic company classes…World Ballet Day Live is back!

(photo of NYCB dancers in rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony fashion show by Alfredo Piola.)

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