for your f r i d a y


The opening last weekend went very well.  It felt so good to be on stage again after such a long summer!  We’re back in the studio now, preparing for the first Up Close On Hope Program, Apollo & Bach Suites, opening in just 2 weeks.  Stay tuned…

How (English National) Ballet is helping people will Parkinson’s find a new lease on life. (inspiring)

This song has been eliciting a lot of dancing around my apartment. (& Emma Stone is my hero)

For the girl with an excessive collection of tights- very curious about this trick. (brrrrr)

Replaced the sugar with 3 tablespoons of maple syrup and added chocolate chips. (made 4 batches…this week.)

“THEY’RE STANDING ON THEIR HEADS.” (made me laugh, plus some beautiful photos of Boston Ballet)

So happy for J-MO. (merde!)

 Making Giselle weightless. (wow)

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