eau d’Apollon

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During our Skype-enabled dress rehearsal last Thursday (#21stCenturyBallet), Sandy instructed the ladies of Apollo to accessorize our little white dresses with 3 things for the show: high buns (sans curls or with- “whatever makes you feel most beautiful”), small rhinestone studs, and perfume.FullSizeRender 16“And perfume!” It seemed like a funny comment to me.  In the midst of correcting the timing, spacing and choreographic mechanics that comprise this visual art form, did our Balanchine repetiteur just emphasize the importance of scent?  But she has a very good point…FullSizeRender 21

So much of successful performing depends on a certain feeling; An inner sense of balance between buzz and calm, spontaneity and preparedness, excitement and order which delivers us to that blissful performance high.  For weeks we have rehearsed the movement, our bodies memorizing each extension of bone and intricate exertion of muscle.  But show time is for characterization.  Show time is for final touches.  Show time is for rhinestones, red lips, and perfume.

Oh, and when one is hoping to feel goddess-like, the dark chocolate and flowers help, too.  (Shout out to my special manfriend who totally gets me.  You da bestest.)

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