friday links


Three more rounds of Apollo this weekend.  Here we go…

A wink over the shoulder to Balanchine. (cutest variation)

A dancer’s profile. (sweetly fierce)

“It’s beauty in humanity. There’s beauty in kindness. There’s beauty in motherhood, and beauty in forgiveness, and beauty in caring. There’s beauty in all sorts of things in life,” she said. “And it’s such a release and a reward for the soul to see it.” (Julie Kent’s Life Lessons)

It’s bundle season. (new fabrics!)

Ballet with the stars; where athleticism meets artistry. (love these old photos)

“For 2 1/2 minutes I can be free of the world’s problems, of my problems.” (this college wide receiver is majoring in dance)

Thoughts on help. (feels relevant in so many ways)

An awesome review of Up Close On Hope. (for tickets)

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