planning to do nothing


I am hyper-productive by nature.  Efficiency is my caffeine.  I like my days planned out, my schedule organized, and my lists written down the old fashioned way.  If I’m not dancing, it’s schoolwork, apartment cleaning, cross-training, writing, or one of the many projects I’m constantly pursuing (#addictedtocrafts).  There’s only one circumstance which falls exclusively out of line with the rest of my temporal micromanagement*: pre-show time.

No, not the 2 hours before curtain spent painting eyes, twisting hair, and warming legs; The time between morning rehearsals and preparation time.  Those special few hours dedicated solely to doing absolutely nothing.  Resting, relaxing, shamelessly running down your netflix queue.  Perhaps a bit of ice on a sore foot, a few easy moments eyes closed, mind open.  A short time to rest, collect, digest, and reset.  It is in guiltless dormancy, unforced calm, right here in these moments my sanity lies.


*It should be noted that while in this pre-show time I do sloth about rather freely, these lazy activities are also quite premeditated and follow a little schedule of their own.  I know, I know…I’m working on it.

One thought on “planning to do nothing

  1. Haha story of my life. I’m always really proud of myself when I manage to “relax”. But there is something special about Nutcracker season, when you really are too busy and exhausted to do much else besides perform and recover, perform and recover. Keep it up girl! xo

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