friday links


As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m a huge fan of Thanksgiving (how was yours?!), but couldn’t resist some decking of the halls earlier this week (in my Christmas socks, to boot).  Bring on Nutcracker Season!

Jacob’s Pillow founder Ted Shawn and His Men Dancers enjoying a feast on the pillow. (pictured above, circa 1935)

Listening to the lovely She & Him Christmas album on repeat. (not sorry)

“…and that’s the goal for all dancers, for it to feel so natural you can really concentrate just on the dancing.” (Boston Ballet’s pointe shoe master on finding the perfect fit. An enlightening read as I endure the lengthy process of shoe customization…wish me luck.)

Some sartorial respect for my favorite bed-headed 90’s Christmas kid. (happy 25th anniversary, Home Alone!)

For everyone in the ballet world with a strong personality and an appreciation for a good question. (Wait- when did this become a bad thing?  Cheers, Miami City.)

Embarrassed to admit that I really, really love this video. (and the dance-infused videos just keep coming)

I have a guesting this day, but the city of Providence will be doing some darn cute holiday things downcity and I’m a bit bummed to have to miss it. (this little city of mine)

If anyone is looking to cleanse a bit post-Thanksgiving, this one looks tempting. (so.much.pie.)

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