merry midweek reads


We’re downtown at the Providence Performing Arts Center all week for FBP’s Nutcracker run. Shows start tomorrow morning, and ooooh-weeee I’m excited. A few (Nutcracker and holiday-themed) articles and distractions for your Wednesday afternoon…

“Don’t look at my feet!” (poignant insight behind the scenes as Royal Ballet’s Lauren Cuthbertson prepares for the Nutcracker stage)

Boston Ballet’s Nutcracker by numbers. (allllll the tulle)

This post inspired me to take my time writing my Christmas cards this year. (and when I say time, I mean 4 hours last night when I should have been vacuumingfoldinglaundrysleepinganddoingotherproductivethings)

The Bolshoi’s Nutcracker is screening at one of my favorite little cinemas in Providence, The Avon, this Sunday.

Planning to make this treat this weekend. (secret ingredients intrigue me- secret techniques to classic recipes especially)

If you live in RI, tune in to The Rhode Show tomorrow morning at 9 to see a familiar face. (in a truly beautiful tutu, I might add)

Also, don’t forget to follow along on Festival Ballet’s instagram account as we bring you behind-the-scenes action live from the set of The Nutcracker. (#stayconnected)

Grab your Nutcracker tickets while you still can. Performances run through the weekend at PPAC. (we’ve got a few new tricks up our sleeves!)

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