a short, long weekend

Though the Monday holiday had no effect on our schedule at the ballet, this weekend felt extended.  We celebrated the great Martin Luther King, Jr. with hands held and heads bowed, we came together for gifted glasses of wine (thanks, kind stranger) and squash soup (thanks, T) and hot chocolate (dulce de leche this week) and New (to us) Rivers.We scoured booths at Rhode Island Antiques Mall until the 5 o’clock bell rang and we were forced to press pause, gather our findings and cozy them into their new homes.  We admired the beneficent dwellings of Benefit and the papered walls of The Shop.  We celebrated M’s first stroll around my favorite shop in Providence and shuffled through the belatedly exposed polaroids from our July weekend in Maine, when he asked me to be his.  We smiled at new neighbors and made our first joint tracks in the snow.  Today it’s back to work, but yesterday, and the day before that, we had a good, long weekend.  How was yours?

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