frustrations & fixes

Ugh, January, man.  Am I right?

The mornings are dark, the days are short, and the nights are cold.  The wind makes up for all that whipping it spared us of in August with a ferocious vengeance.  What did we ever do to you, January?  We tried to pretend this was the start of a new year for you (even though deep down we all know September wears that honor).  We made resolutions and bought healthy ingredients and mixed up a big batch of excellent intentions for you.  We even vowed to go easier on ourselves if you chose to disapprove of our freshly reconstructed goals for betterment.  So what gives?

These days I’m feeling TIRED.  Not just normal sleepy, but the weird, haggard, larthargic kind that leaves you feeling unmotivated to push yourself during the work day, let alone cross training when rehearsals have ended.  My energy seems to have been packed up with the Christmas decorations, dashed away with Dancer and Prancer and the rest of the holiday jazz.  Despite my energy’s lack of participation, though, the days keep rolling on (is it really January 22nd?), and a girl’s gotta get going.  So with the grievances of dreadful January (wait, wasn’t it dreamy just a few weeks ago?) officially aired, it is time for a few fixes in the form of things that are making me smile on these dark and chilly days…

this baby’s breathDSC07341…for allowing me to channel my inner Tatte.

these eggsDSC07493…because they are some of the first from my brother’s chickens and the cuteness of that little blue one makes me feel all gooey.

this monday morningDSC07468…because I moved my bed to a new wall and the morning light is magic.

this roseDSC07462…because I smile every. single. time. I see it.

this homemade granolaDSC07506…because it’s the season of treats so dang it, treat yoself and yo friends.

7 thoughts on “frustrations & fixes

  1. …so lucky to have been a recipient of that decadent homemade granola!! Feeling the January blues right next to you sister ;) Thank you for this beautiful post!

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