We finish every show in the Chatterbox series with, as the title implies, a little chatting.  Seven Stars graciously provides a sampling of their sweetest treats for our young patrons, and between bites of chocolate chip and ginger, the dancers are treated to adorable, sometimes offbeat, yet always endearing remarks.

Things worked a bit differently after the show at PPAC, however, since the children were not actually able to approach the stage for a meet and greet.  Instead, our outreach coordinator fielded a few questions from the audience, the first being directed towards the witch with the very curious subject of exactly how she became so fierce.  David had not yet spoke two words into the microphone when an eruption of surprised gasps and giggles broke out amongst the rows of small spectators.  This was immediately echoed by the cast, who, in our newfound familiarity with the show, had not prepared for the shock that would ensue should the witch’s true gender be revealed.  David reclaimed the floor with the deepest tone in his spectrum, “You weren’t expecting this voice were you?”  Laughs and cheers boiled over one again.

Some of our interactions are a bit more heart-warming, like the 12-year-old who marched forth this weekend to tell me she had received my Nutcracker pointe shoes as a Christmas gift, and seeing this show was her one birthday request.  Completely tickled by the entire situation, I couldn’t help but share the fact that I, too, am a February girl.  Her whole face lit up, and I felt my insides go mushy.

From shy inquiries about set changes and costume pieces to animated recounting of friends and cousins and aunties and puppies who take ballet class, too!, the post-Chatterbox talks never cease to bring a smile to my face.  In fact, H and I noted a real soreness in our cheek-raising muscles when the weekend was through.  Our marley floor is also now 70% chocolate chips.  But are the laugh lines and chocolate-covered shoes worth it, you ask?  Absolutely.

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