hours in a day, meters in a slinky, carats in pure gold, years in my life…

Today is my twenty-fourth birthday and I can’t quite decide how that makes me feel.  At once it’s confusing (how in the world did I get to be this age?  I started this blog when I was EIGHTEEN), scary (does this mean I’m in my “mid-twenties” now?), and exciting (after all, nobody likes you when you’re 23).  The confusion is a bit of a comfort, though, as it seems these days indecisiveness is both my practice and my police.  There must be something about this between-the-early-and-mid year that has made the decisions feel bigger and more important, but my intentionality in making them (and waiting for the proper time to actually make them, letting them go when they don’t matter quite as much as I thought they might, etcetera) seems to have developed with an equal and opposite fervor.

This year I’ve learned the beautiful art of treating yourself, I’ve started- at least trying- to reduce my consumerist footprint, and adopted a much more conscious approach to living.  I’m a clutter-arranger inspired by minimalism, a crafter with no free time to create, and a student of the universe.  I make sugar scrubs (well, plan to), compost tea bags and kill plants (though I’d love to keep one living sometime, just to mix things up).

When I look at the photo above (taken on a recent collaborative photoshoot), I see crow’s feet- GAHHHH- and happiness.  If every belly laugh like the one captured above means I deepen those crinkly little bird prints just a tad more, well, bring it on.

photos by Kelly Louise Photography

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