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My television stopped working months ago, but my very sharp mother has kept me up to date on the phenomenon that seems to be spreading more and more each season: dance in advertising.  Big businesses are finally catching on to the fact that professional dancers, trained to tap into the emotions of their audience, can sell most anything- and they are, from luxury cars to jeans to creamy and delicious adult beverages and of course, sportswear.  The final category mentioned is decidedly the most appropriate, and the one which will be featured today.

When done correctly, using dance in advertising is not only affective in sales, but also in the growth of an often under appreciated art form.  Through this modern venue, the dance community also gains access a new audience.  Through this connection, dancers could quite possibly achieve a new level of understanding with this virtual audience as they absorb dance in its most commercial (tee-hee) form.  We dancers can hope that perhaps what stirs in our audience for those 60 seconds of selling inspires a trip to the theatre to experience that thrill live.

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Spanish clothing brand Oysho has teamed up with Martz Contemporary Dance Company in a stunning campaign for their latest line of activewear.  When I started watching, the first thing I thought was “Ooh, I love that bra.”  See?  Dance marketing.  It really works.  Check out the beautifully charged video below, along with some thoughts on dance in advertisement from choreographer and company director, Eva Martz.

Eva Martz: The basic marketing plan’s objectives lie in the pursuit of a rise in the level of notoriety of a product or a brand. Often when we talk about marketing and communications actions, we think about those destined to capture new clients or consumers. The fact is that on a regular basis, a large amount of a company’s budget is destined to this. The flow of new technological tools is so continuous that it allows us to capture, position, and promote the loyalty of the target audience. In the tangible commercial products, the importance parts from personal necessity, and from the product – consumer relationship.

What is it that converts dance into a powerful value for a marketing plan? Viewers deposit sentiment or curiosity onto any artistic piece they contemplate. This contemplative curiosity favors the communicative effectiveness when the language employed is routed in the movement of the body. The transfer of emotions and desire is rapid and the attention given to the message is direct and lasting.

“Dance is a live art by nature. As a language, it is converted into a resource of incalculable value when caught on camera.”

The Oysho advert, known as “A beautiful film about love”, transports us to a world of art in movement, filmed in Barcelona and directed by Alexander Tregón. The images tell the story of love and fashion interpreted by the members of the Martz Contemporary Dance Company with music by Nils Frahm & Anne Müller. To the sound of Let my key be C, Oysho’s new clothing line is filled with strength, passion and technique through intelligent choreography combining fashion and emotion.

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