March is always a bit of a tough month, but the weather in Providence has been so stellar lately (it was 70 degrees yesterday!), I’m feeling particularly thankful for all of the little joys in my life.  Today I’m thanking…

this postcard…DSC07727.jpg…for making its way from the Berkshires to Boston to Providence (and the secret message finely printed across the bottom, for making me smile).

this collection of overripe oranges, lemons, ginger and basil…DSC07592…for boosting my daily water intake.

this jar of homemade walnut-blueberry-ginger granola…DSC07597…for boosting me.

this big bag…DSC07687 (2).jpg…for arriving just in time to get all packed up.

these recommendations…DSC07618…for coming from the loveliest of ladies.

these little buds…DSC07607…for decorating my plain walls.

this surprise in my mailbox…DSC07614…for giving me something to look forward to!

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