monday distractions


I’ve got a sore foot and a mug full of tea.  Right now my dance life is on a quick pause, so it’s less rehearsals and more research (re: the amazing book MVW and I found in the children’s section of The Providence Athenaeum).  Let’s do some distracting…

Cloud & Victory’s new SS’16 collection is here, hurray! (a word with the designer, coming soon…)

The big benefits of going small. (room for growth)

So proud of Shelby for turning the page. (oh yeah, and a big CONGRATS is certainly in order!)

Ballerina mommies. (not to be confused with Dance Moms)

Let me live here. (a basket of pom-poms…and a wall)

Patience. (please be my virtue)

A weekend in Paris. (swoon)

Follow along with Festival Ballet’s month of Swan Lake adventures on our Instagram. (#fbpswanlake)


photos via Cloud & Victory.

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