s w a n week


Last week was…tough.

The days were long and rehearsals seemed to bleed together for hours on end with nary a true 5-minute break in sight.  Oh, the joys of a non-union company.  It was my first week back in pointe shoes, back to dancing full out, back to a sore body and blistered feet.  BUT!  If you want to get through a week of intense Swan Lake-ing and maintain your sanity, try fearing you may not be able to perform for a few days beforehand.  Gratitude in movement will come pouring out of you.

This week is our last in the studio before tech begins at The Vets.   By Saturday evening, we will have gone through the ballet a total of 8 times, with 4 full runs and 4 work-through rehearsals of all 4 acts.  Thats 4x pas de trois, 4x waltz, 8x lead swans, 8x princesses, and perhaps most lethal, 8x swan corps.  In 5 days.  Translation: a WHOLE lot of arm flapping and bourrée-ing.   I am preparing myself (with ice, protein, physical therapy and acupuncture) for the familiar cycle of warming, using, exhausting, and rehabilitating my body.  Come on, Swan Lake, let’s do this.

2 thoughts on “s w a n week

  1. Merde Kirsten!!! Stay strong & take care of yourself!
    May I ask how you like acupuncture? I’ve been having chronic ankle issues all season & have a torn ATFL. I’ve always wondered if I could benefit from some acupuncture to alleviate some pain from the trouble areas of my ankle….

    • Thanks, dear! I cannot recommend acupuncture enough. While it is said to work better for some people than others, it has had an extremely beneficial effect for me. When I fractured my spine, acupuncture was the only thing to bring me some relief. I would definitely give it a try for your ankle! If you do, let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear how it affects you. Good luck! xx

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