g r o u n d e d

Theatre week has officially begun!  We were at The Vets until 10 pm last night for the first of many teching, testing, spacing, and dressing rehearsals before Friday’s opening. Swanning about night after night promises to be quite exhausting.  I’m feeling grateful for what’s keeping me grounded between flights, a few fresh things around my home:

this little sprig…IMG_1102…because bell flowers should always reside next to bell garlands.

this embroidered sleeve…IMG_1106…because it’s attached to a new jacket that makes me feel like the coolest lady ever.

this envelope…IMG_1103…for being wall-worthy.

this little group of matches…IMG_1096…because I’ve been separating my collection into minis, and it feels surprisingly new.

these flowers in a tall beaker…IMG_1105…because PEONY SEASON!

this powerhouse granola…IMG_1099…because it was “accidentally” left behind by a sneaky manfriend (plus it’s the most colorful and delicious* granola option in PVD).

these mossy friends…IMG_1098…for breathing some springy life into my bathroom counter after a little chop and some fresh water.

this little bit of lace…IMG_1095…because it was a spontaneous purchase and I do not regret it one bit.

this invitation…IMG_1104…because it’s not every day one of your oldest friends gets married- with an invitation as beautiful as her friendship to accompany the occasion (and yes, this will also be clipped up on the wall.  if anyone knows how to resist taking decorational advantage of beautiful script, a vintage ribbon and an actual leaf, please, don’t tell me!)


*verity of this statement to be determined…stay tuned…

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