c o n g r a t u l a t i n g

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What a weekend it was.  That phrase feels familiar.  I think I say this a lot at the end of a performance, don’t I?  Well, it’s no less appropriate now than at the closing of any other production this season, but perhaps it is coming a bit delayed this time around.  My consciousness is still catching up with me as slowly replenishing sleep recovers my ability to write it all down.  Woof.

Physically one of the most demanding weekends of my life, FBP’s Swan Lake provided more than just a test of stamina; with its closing comes a new sense of pride in accomplishment and, more importantly, trust in myself.  It’s not often that I pat myself on the back, I simply was not raised that way.  But here in my little corner of the interwebs, in this little space, I’m going to give myself some recognition.  I now know that I can successfully dance as a corps member and soloist in one of classical ballet’s most difficult works, and I can do that in full hair, costume and makeup 6 times in 5 days.  This is a rather insane feat, and one that in a larger company, I may never attempt.  But here in Providence, in this little company of 18 dancers, 7 trainees and 1 apprentice, here I looked straight into the lake of tears and feathers and said “I will.”  And I did.

Stay tuned for photos from dress rehearsal, as well as behind-the-scenes and per usual, some sleepy poetic musings from my mid-performance mind…


first photo by Saulius Ke.

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