theatre thoughts


home is where the house faces

and up on high the white light traces

a hallow box the wing embraces


home is where the curtain rises

to a careful grid of our varied sizes

we look, line, breathe and hope distance disguises


home is where the booms stack and glow

creative floods do steady flow

and nurtured artists bloom and grow


home is where the gold molding frames

setting and seating change their names

but forever our sanctuary the theatre remains.

{sleepy theatre thoughts by me | awesome dress rehearsal photos by Jacob Hoover}


5 thoughts on “theatre thoughts

    • Thank you, sir. I only attempt poetry when I’m sleepy, yes. It comes out when I can’t form full sentences ;)

      ps- I just scrolled through your ENTIRE flickr. I’m fan-girling.
      pps- I will be using your performance photos in another post…because I can’t help myself. :)

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