b e a u m e n t s

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How was your Memorial Day weekend?

A (WHOLE) lot of friends and I trekked up to York, Maine for a healthy (this adjective is debatable) dose of sunshine and vodka.  There were family breakfasts, countless word games, happy hour bites, chess tournaments, moscow mules, skeeball marathons, homemade tacos, swimming, fancy kettlecorn…are you sensing a theme yet?

Apparently we enjoy food and games.  Of course none of us would be able to enjoy said food and games – or wake up in Vacationland – without the bravery of those for which Memorial Day stands.  It feels inappropriate to wish someone a happy Memorial Day, but I do hope that you had the chance to steal at least one moment away for a game and a laugh, and when you did, I hope you were able to reflect on the price of that moment.  Freedom is anything but free, and I am so very grateful to those far braver than I who defend it.

To one purple heart in particular, I am sending thanks and love always.


photo of guitar by Michael Collins.

proof of my existence as a child, photographer unknown. (but I’d be willing to bet it was Gma)

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