itching, twitching + thanking

It’s been 5 weeks since the Lake and I’m starting to feel the itch.  Fellow dancers know how hard it can be to rest and recover.  What feels necessary and nourishing at first quickly grows stale, and an unprepared body begins to twitch with idle longing.  With a bit of time left on my healing plan, I’ve taken to nourishing my body and spirit in some decidedly different mediums.  A few welcome distractions worth thanking this week…

this summery sprigDSC07963…for freshening up my wall (for all of one day, and then promptly wilting, thereby encouraging me to go out in search of a wild replacement).

this literature from my bossDSC07970…for shedding some light on (and garnering up even more excitement for!) our upcoming trip across the pond.

this plastic caseDSC07947…for promising to help me carry my luggage on said travels across le pond.

this fresh stackDSC07967 (1).jpg…for demonstrating the thrill of repurposed objects (see red ribbon protruding from lower case for most current function: gift wrapping storage).

this produce satchelDSC07983…because oddly I’ve always wanted one (for inexplicable, non-green-related reasons, but its eco-friendly nature is quite the bonus).  plus, PEACH SEASON!

this green corner of the barcartDSC07956…for being bright and pretty and oh, so June.

this pair of tiny ivory binocularsDSC07954…for being a flea-market find and begging to help me see the Paris Opera Ballet.

this coffee table arrangementDSC07973…because the larger “vase” once held kombucha, the smaller stored vanilla extract, and PEONIES WERE ON SALE FOR $8!

this collection of wrinkled ribbon, rumbled napkin, and wilting greensDSC07949…for softly singing of magical weekends past.

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