friday reads

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Plans for the weekend include a wine tasting/pizza night on T’s newly revitalized patio, a visit to the Festival of Historic Houses with my mom, and a whole lot of homework.  In the meantime…

Go for a wander.

Does being personable effect a dancer’s career?

“We do not want to be bound by the politics that come that often come about in the ballet world, but instead make space for creation.” -Lia Cirio on Cirio Collective.

Just reread Mahallia’s thoughts on staying ballenced (hehe) during summer layoff- the refresher was muchly needed.

Wooooah woah woah, my Parisian travels match up EXACTLY with the final performance of this.

Exquisite Corps.

Maternity on the marley.

I’ll be popping up from time to time on Instagram wearing Free People for FP Providence, follow them here, if you’d like.


photo by Kelly Louise Photography for Free People Providence.

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