weekend rewind




This weekend comprised so many layers.  It was windy, rainy, sunny, cloudy, light, chilly, warm…

As many times as the weather changed, so too the moment followed.  From Free People photoshoots (more coming soon!), to Salted Slate lady dates, to blueberry wine in the pseudo-wilderness of a Pawtucket patio, the weekend took me on many an adventure.  Last Saturday morning was the first empty one I’ve experienced since the Lake, so I decided to celebrate by binge-reading my favorite blogs over avocado toast and coconut tea in bed…because I’m an adult, and that is what we grown ups do.

Sliced avocado led to hot yoga, with just enough time to shower before meeting my mom for the annual Festival of Historic Houses on Benefit Street.  Here I got my second shower, as the clouds swelled up and rushed down over Providence.  We were soaked to the bone, but steeped in architectural zen.  Favorite moments include a prime balcony view of RI’s majestic (American Renaissance/Greek Revival, *nerd alert*) State House, the secret garden on the hill (H.P. Lovecraft was inspired, too) and the most zebra print I’ve ever seen in one place (on the inside of an Italianate Palazzo home).

The remainder of the weekend consisted of yet another trip to Oberlin (can’t seem to stay away), a picnic on the lawn of the aforementioned majestic State House (complete with potato sac racing, my first Mama Kim’s experience and a super refreshing green tea/lemonade from the hippest little Nitro Cart), a visit to North Bakery (another first for me- MUST RETURN ASAP), a walking tour of Westminster (whether M got to hear me test out all of my newly acquired terminology whether he liked it or not), and a new perspective on an old steel-framed friend.

Throw in some nim chow from Apsara and The Imitation Game (a movie about the invention of the first computer, viewed on a Macbook), and you’ve got yourself a weekend worth rewinding.

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