bon weekend!


It’s been a homework-filled, muggy hot week.  I can’t wait to escape up to Boston for a few days off.  Some fun things from around the web…

Excited to see my best friends perform in Cambridge this weekend!

Vegetable sushi bowls.


Help!  Sesamoiditis just made me get these babies.  Any styling advice?

Women having a terrible time at parties in Western Art History, ha. (via Joanna)

Never despise the mundane.
Embrace it.
Unwrap it like a gift.
See something more in the everyday.

A make-believe Paris morning, swoon.

…speaking of Paris, I’d like to plan a make-believe Normandy morning.  Must-not-miss (see, taste, hear, do) suggestions welcome.

Picking grapes, sorting the laundry.

My heart hangs so low for the victims of monstrosity in Orlando.  What JetBlue is doing for the families of victims is pretty darn cool.

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