summer snacking

DSC08078Summer is finally in full swing here, and I’ve got the pantry to show it.  Those radishes ^ are leftover from an impromptu pizza party last week, and today they’re the perfect hummus-dipped treat.  Other things I’m crunching on these days*…

snappy banana chips DSC08016…which taste better from a weck jar.

fresh strawberriesDSC08025…plucked by M and me from my dad’s garden, which is currently overflowing.

dried figs + blue cheese

…the ugliest, most delicious combination (that is, when dried pears are unavailable;).

this seedy little mixtureDSC08060…which looks like bird food but tastes like love.  + antioxidants, fiber, and protein.

fresh basil + orange grape tomatoes

…if you have never tried these sunny little tomatoes before, prepare to be hooked.  burrata is a welcome addition.

raw whole cashewsDSC08101…by the handful.  enough said.


*bowl of fancy olives sopped up with sourdough bread à la Oberlin, perfect online-exam-taking oatmeal chocolate chip cookie from Ellie’s, and sunset popcorn + pinot grigio at Watch Hill, not pictured.

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