Hello, friends.

Things have been rather quiet here on the little bloggy lately.  It’s been an interesting, er…difficult, week.  In the midst of the gourmet donuts and spontaneous trips to Boston that typically comprise my admittedly semi-charmed-kinda-life, a big ol’ window blew straight off its tracks and onto my face.  No, literally.  The heavy metal frame pierced a nice stripe on my cheek, leaving torn skin in its drunken wake.  And wake me it did!  Ripped right out of a dream and into a rather painful day…

Twelve hours of stress.  Twenty minutes of bated breath.  Ten minutes of acute discomfort.  Five stitches.

A wise bear once said, “They’re funny things, Accidents.  You never have them till you’re having them.”  You cannot control what happens to you, only how you react to it.  You know, some clichés are worth repeating.  I choose to interpret this accident as a reminder.  A reminder to be intentional, to never despise the mundane, and to appreciate every single gift.  I’m so thankful for my sight, for two Stevens, for my body’s wonderfully weird ability to repair itself, and for the brave surgeon whose many hours of study and skilled hands fixed up my face.

Today, I’m happy to be on the mend and making plans.  Thanks for listening.  We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.





grunge-tastic photo by Kelly Louise Photography for Free People Providence.

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