two thousand seventeen

IMG_8875.JPGIt’s become a bit of a New Year’s tradition for me to make just one resolution.  While of course I’d love to learn to knit and drink more water in 2017, each year I like to take the first few days of January to contemplate which area of my life could use a bit more intention.  This year, it’s things.

Oh, things.  I’ve got a lot of them.  They come and go, some passing through my home in a matter of days, others taking up residence for years, only to be unceremoniously hauled back out eventually.  I recently conducted my annual apartment clean out, and was left wondering how I could still have a furnished apartment with all of the things that got donated or tossed.  Where does all that extra hide?  While I recognize my maximalist tendencies, in the coming months I’d like to keep a better handle on all of it; bringing only things into my home and life that solicit joy and/or function.  And there’s my resolution.

SO!  Since we all know I can’t resist a list, in the tradition of shifting said annual list from resolutions to reflections, a few of my favorite moments from 2016…

IMG_7404a snowy walk through PVD and cornmeal pancake breakfast in January.

IMG_8429a “cheese cake” and 24 candles in February.

12697303_10104686585945999_870890731238790483_ocreating house of bernarda alba, 2 trips (Florida and New York), and champagne with Baryshnikov in March.

FullSizeRender 49dancing pas de trois, big swans, and princesses through an injury and in April.

IMG_2592tracing our tracks and planning a trip to France with breakfast by the river in May.

IMG_3109a weekend in my happy place with the family of friends for Memorial Day.

IMG_3436 3watching my dear friend get married at a fairytale wedding in June.

FullSizeRender 104filming for Free People Providence with Emily, meeting the awesome Frame & Anchor duo and making it to the FP website with my girl Kelly.

IMG_1347 (1)the trip of a lifetime with my best friend in July.

IMG_7979climbing mountains and doing some late summer camping in August.

14390759_10207705662948115_6942956620654551979_nwatching my brother marry his best friend in September.

img_6502biking to Bristol for brunch and west side wandering in October.

img_7081-2dancing Allegro Brillante with Boyko in November.

15626216_10103353237302361_7601176835455231835_oa snowy guesting, dew drop debut, and very memorable Sugarplum in December.

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