weekend reads

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We have begun work on Winthrop Corey’s Cinderella here in Providence (stay tuned for details), but I can’t seem to stop reliving last week at YAGP in my head! Some links to distract…

A very brief history of ballet.

From spa time to stage makeup- Isabella Boylston’s Buenos Aires diary.

If I were a ballerina.

Dance is…

Queen Michelle showing us how to be confident doing ballet in your 40’s.

ABT’s 2017 Spring Season at The Met.

Why dancers’ skills are more valuable than ever.

The Decalogue– 10 dancers, solo piano scored by Sufjan Stevens- dying to see the new Justin Peck ballet at NYCB!

A review of the YAGP Stars of Today Meet the Stars of Tomorrow gala and dinner from Vogue.

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