weekend reads


Hard working hands (and feet!) rocking (chipping) red nails, new shoes and an embroidered tutu for some Fairy Godmother rehearsal! This week was intense and wonderful. All of the process I was missing so dearly last month has caught up with me in a sublimely exhausting way. Sadly, there’s only one week left in the season before we head into the theater to finish out this final program, but at least my plate is full as can be for now! Some interesting links from around the web…

Imagine finding out on stage mid-performance that you were performing an extremely difficult solo to finish the piece. Welcome to The Lottery.

I’d very much like to be here now.

An interview with a Restless Creature.

Single-serving cookie dough.

Isabella Boylston’s morning routine.

…also her thoughts on inner and outer beauty, compiled into a breathtaking little video.

Loving everything from Cloud and Victory’s Spring 2017 Collection. That almond blossom leo! *insert gushy hearts-for-eyes emoji*

Are you following @festivalballetprovidence on Instagram? We’re releasing a fun Cinderella project that I helped with very soon- stay tuned!

If you are in the area and would like to see Cinderella, tickets are here.

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