all the rest





What does a busy ballerina do with a full 10 days off? Ah, let me tell you.

Celebrate ballet family Christmas, Festivus, Christmas Eve, Christmas morning, Christmas night. Plan New Year’s Eve…or don’t! Eat burrito bowls. Eat vegan donuts. Drink tea. See a strange aqua-erotic indie film at the cool art deco cinema in your ‘hood. Make banana oat pancakes with your shiny new blender, 2 days in a row. Eat them on the couch with your bean friend. Play Taboo in the guest room, get your hair did, enjoy the cozy afternoon light. Wear your shmancy headphones and comfy slippers and pace around your apartment feeling stinkin’ cool. Enjoy your decorations, then take ’em down because the excitement of rearranging vignettes for the new year is just too much to handle. Mid-tear down, decide to keep the tree up, just a few more days…

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