a wintry wind whips

her wafting entrance in

sleek sleeted shoulders greet

forgien travelers like icy kin

full strings build and flow

like dancing wisps of cold

climbing rungs of frozen scales

great musical ladder to behold

a queen surrenders to the whirl

whisked by heaven and her king

crystals hover above her lover

dainty flakes float softly in

a single horn draws out their finish

waning whips with icicle toes

premiering in her snowy song

a memory forever froze.

—looking back on my first snow queen. thank you for always capturing special moments from the wings, jacob.

One thought on “snowfall

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever commented but thank you so much for you blog. It’s really beautiful. I’ll never get to be a professional ballerina and it’s really awesome to get to see these inside looks. And you’re an amazing photographer too. Just thank you.

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