two thousand eighteen


Ah, 2017 was a long year of change. I got rid of my big comfy couches, I stopped eating animal products, I turned 25. I cleaned out many things, drank much water, and traveled. A lot. I’ve lived on the East Side of Providence for nearly 7 years now, I’m in my 8th season with FBP, and I am nearing my 9th year of college (Eta Lamda woop!). Despite these apparent constants, it’s miraculous how much transformation has taken place in my life- sometimes subtle, sometimes not.

I heard a story recently about a chrysalis. A man walks by an insect’s cocoon and notices it is shaking. Assuming the inhabitant is struggling to break free, the man tears a small hole in the shell, allowing the butterfly to emerge. When it does escape though, the butterfly is unable to fly. Freed from the physical exertion necessary to break its cocoon, the butterfly’s wings are not strong enough to carry it. Without the work of overcoming its former state, the butterfly cannot flourish.

We must endure pressure to thrive.

Always one for a good butterfly metaphor, I found this little anecdote charming and useful. In the spirit of tradition, this year’s resolution:

Appreciate the struggle. 

I won’t go so far as to encourage myself to enjoy the struggle, but a reminder to embrace the necessity of difficulty is a welcome one this new year. Some things that happened in 2017…


spongy gingerbread and fox point strolls in January.


a 25th birthday and a weekend in the big apple with my best friends in February.


a quick stay in york in March.


the opportunity of a lifetime covering YAGP and connecting with stars in April.


a fairytale ballet and a quick trip across the world in May.


a performance at the Pillow and b&b tour of New England in June.


folk fest and a 2 year anniversary in July.


meeting and interviewing amazing people and reviewing dance in Vail, seeing a total eclipse in Wyoming, and bopping around Colorado for a month with my best friend in August.


breaking through and moving mountains in September.


becoming a widow in October.


premiering Wheeldon in November.


celebrating eighteen years of nutcrackering in December.


Thank you for hanging out with me this year, and sticking in through my quieter months. I am so grateful for the ability to share this little digital space with you. Happy 2018, friends.

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