it’s cold in Providence

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On the last day of December, 2017, we braved the cold.

We popped by the shop for liquid warmth. I learned the history of the americano and while my cocoa chai steeped.

We stomped down Wickenden for a walk around NAVA. I fluffed my mitts in fleecy goodness.

We checked out our favorite bridge and watched birds swim and fly. I breathed a cloudy breath.

We chased the sunset down Benefit and over to Brown. I bounced around the quad and got friendly with a lamp post.

We skeebled to Westminster and peeked at pretty architecture.

We Grange‘d with kale caesar and quinoa sally and pomme frites and green tea.

We warmed up and drank wine and couched it. I rearranged furniture, you rearranged clips of film, we popped corn and started E.T.

We paused and counted backwards, cheered and kissed.

MMM caught it all here, if you’d like to see.

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