back at it


We are back in the studios after a one week holiday and boy are things busy!

This past week we brought Christopher Wheeldon’s The American and Boyko Dossev’s The Little Prince back into our bodies. Rehearsing both the principal and corps roles for The American has been a *special* sort of challenge, as the former is languid and smooth while the latter requires a bit more pep and pop, if you know what I mean.

We’ve been wearing layers upon layers in this single-digit January frost, but Thursday’s bomb cyclone snow day makes all of the frozen bones worth while. A thick smear of white frosting makes the whole world shine, and what’s better than a day full of home cooking, couch homework, and pajama yoga?

This week Sandy Jennings comes to town to set Balanchine’s electrified Rubies. I’ve been doing a little studying (nerd alert!), and can honestly say I have never danced anything like this before. It’s challenging and stylized in the most satisfyingly saucy way. Like Michele Gifford said, “You have to be red hot, baby.”

Bring it on.

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