winter in providence





Hey, hi, hello. It’s been a while.

It’s full swing New England winter here, which means sunny single digit days, snowstorms, and random humid rain. January has been all counts and chairs, couches, coffee tables, and Chloe. Late night furniture rearranging with a bottle of wine and best friends, outfit repeating, eucalyptus sniffing, and old house snooping. Jaunts to trendy beer halls, cozy wine bars, and cat-themed trailer parks.

This morning (afternoon?) at brunch (we can’t seem to stay away from here lately), M and I huddled around a shared green smoothie and a scone, waiting in the busy Grange for a table to free. As we nibbled on ginger crumbles and sipped superfoods, a fellow bruncher stopped on her way past. “You two just look happy. Just so content,” she smiled as she nodded through the cafe. My ribcage filled with warm fuzzies and I felt the bottoms of my feet tingle. I love love.

This ruby red version of me keeps popping her head up all over PVD, taunting winter-hat-wearing-me with her fiery confidence. In 2 short weeks I will perform some of the best rep I’ve ever done while turning 26. So many things to celebrate!


If you are in the area and feel like cheers-ing with me, tickets are here.

2 thoughts on “winter in providence

  1. This is such a delicious post in all the ways… I’m obsessed with By Chloe and your precious apartment, and I’m SOooOOooo excited for you to perform Rubies over your birthday!!! Dream Gift! Merde beauty, you are a sparkling gem!

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