another year older


I turn 26 brushing my teeth. The shower is running, I’m wearing nothing but rainwater and hairspray.

I turn 26 humming Stravinsky- several different scores.

I turn 26 proudly, in the capable arms of my best friend as we dance.

I turn 26 clinking paper cups of Cliquot with my best girls in a disordered dressing room. My face wears random spots of stage makeup and my feet are bare.

I turn 26 reunited with my best guy. My beanfriend, my boo, my adventure buddy explorer. We watch curling and sneak day old donuts and ignore the prosecco.

I turn 26 with vegan carrot cake, pink tea kettles, and a well deserved chai.

I turn 26 with surprise heart-shaped greens, telepathic pen pals, and warm long distance hugs.

I turn 26 with tiny rubies in my ears, love on my lips, and stars in my eyes.

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