a note just to say…

…back in October, I did a thing. I went to NYC to review a City Ballet show, and disastrous food poisoning usurped the whole trip. Foul, unspeakable things happened in that midtown hotel room.

Needless to say, I was a changed lady. Sushi rudely spurred my demise, so it was goodbye fish. What’s a 7-year pescatarian lady to eat then? Cue the endless binge-watching of plant-based Youtubers, the reading of manymanymany articles, essays, and books, and the debating of documentaries, both credible and not. This was some of the most eye opening research of my life- because it affected not only my life but the planet I live on! and the lives of millions of animals. After years of dabbling and consideration, spawned by a bad oyster in the East Village I finally did my own research and found my ethical connection to veganism. I was hooked.


Four months of veganism is nothing monumental for a girl who has been eating mostly plant-based for many a moon now, but I will say making this shift several weeks before Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other cheese-and-meat-related festivities was a bit of a challenge and I am proud of my success (and my purple sweet potato pie!). I feel happy, energetic, and connected.

I hope this does not sound preachy, or omnivore-shame-y, or anything like that. It is simply a post to let you all in on this shift. This space would not feel like my own if I did not document this thing that has altered my perspective entirely. And if anyone else is interested in plant-based eating, stay tuned for my conversation with Lauren Lovette, another recently vegan professional dancer, who just happens to be a ballerina with the New York City Ballet and an all around lovely human.

Until then, thank you for supporting me in this little corner of the interwebs. xx, k.


Disclaimer: I know, I know! *Consuming raw or partially-cooked food may result in food born illnesses*, yada yada. Just sharing my personal experience and all that jazz.

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