weekend reads


Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve shared a little roundup of reads from the web! I’ve stumbled upon some articles worth sharing, so I thought I would do just that. Enjoy…

“The soles of their feet are flat on the floor, as if receiving a charge from it.” Two Seconds That Explain Balanchine, exquisitely written by Alastair Macaulay, via Michele Gifford.

A little shoutout for a familiar company in Pointe. ;)

Does anyone else love just listening to two people have a conversation? I’ve been pretty into following NYCB’s Jenelle Manzi on Instagram for behind-the-scenes snaps and baking inspiration (girl can COOK!), so naturally I was very game to sit in on A chat with New York City Ballet Dancer Jenelle Manzi via my lady Jess of The Whole Dancer.

A New Juliet Blooms as a Ballerina. I met/developed my girl crush on Indiana at the Bolshoi Ballet Summer Intensive, and cannot imagine a more perfect dancer to take on one of my favorite ballets.

Would love to get into these ballet-based workouts during summer layoff.

“Wanting to embrace a lifelong pursuit of an art form is different than wanting 300,000 followers on Instagram. You can do both, but the work should speak for itself, and it will reward you with something that is irreplaceable, and far deeper and longer-lasting than if you’re just pursuing fame.” An important reminder, beautifully written by Julie Kent.



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