duck walk

Swan Lake week is here! Swan Lake week is here. Swan Lake week is here.


My legs are doing quite a bit of traveling this spring. From one doctor’s office to the next they hobble, tight and bruised and sore. But alive. So much more capable than they were before.

Last night I slept for 9 hours straight. What used to be a regular respite, a daily practice with the rotating sun, feels foreign now. Still dark bags hang under my eyes, but their load has lightened. Rain clouds crowd my bedroom windows, but their darkness does not feel daunting. I am awake now, and hanging on to this feeling in the hopes that I might be conscious enough to actually make memories this week.

This weekend we had our first 2 run throughs in under 24 hours. And we survived. And I walked home on air. Dreams are coming true.

For tickets to Swan Lake.

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