judging books by their covers

IMG_4969Processed with VSCO with e3 presetProcessed with VSCO with e3 preset

It’s officially summer! It feels like we slept right through Spring (anyone else?), but filling up my schedule with creative projects is helping keep some sense of normalcy in this odd time.

I spent the past three months of quarantine assembling my first book of poetry, and now comes the fun part- DESIGN. Fun, yes. Terrifying? Also, yes. I have always loved literary design, books and magazines with beautiful formatting…but creating one of my own that does justice to the poems I’ve pored over and describes my brand as a first-time author…that is a daunting task!

I’ve been perusing local bookstores (though it’s quite difficult in a germ-centric world), and scouring my own collection for inspiration. I’d love to share ideas and sneak peeks of the process here as I continue. Are you interested in book design? Where do you find inspiration? What kind of books are you drawn to? I’d love to know!

photos taken at pvd’s Riffraff bookstore/bar/café. Providence is the coolest.

2 thoughts on “judging books by their covers

  1. I’ve only had to design one cover, for a self-published book on a fairly abstruse point of civil law. It involved damage caused by a crane in a cyclone, so all I had to do was walk out, find the first major building site I could and then take a picture.

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