falling into the process


i love learning about the creative process. every artist has one- or many- depending on the project. most of my book was written in pvd cafés (wildflour, i’m looking at you), but the collecting, illustrating, and production of it was done right here in my home. so i wrote a book during quarantine, call me a cliché, but it helped get me through!

i’m a big rituals person. i find setting intentions through repeated actions surrounding a goal help me to feel both productive and calm- two moods that tend to be mutually exclusive in our hustle-based society. for whatever reason, every time i sat down to work on #thesilhouetteinside i had andy sheaf’s “the party” on repeat. the soothing tone and loose narrative of the concept album help guide the flow of my own story.

in a way, this book is like an album; it’s a collection of pieces that relate without exactly repeating, combining together to comprise a whole statement. up for interpretation, contemplative, but concrete. thank you andy shauf for the endless inspiration.


all rights reserved. illustration by kirsten evans.

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