coming in for landing

Today’s the day! FBP’s first performance since February. Whew…

This week really ramped up, with class and a few rehearsals every day, costume fittings- even a Zoom rehearsal with the incredibly inspiring Zenaida Yanowsky all the way from London!

Zenaida began rehearsal by asking me about my interpretation of the solo and the story I tell myself while I dance it. While it sounds intimidating, this was actually such a great way to get my out of my body and into my head (a new kind of “reverse psychology” for this body-focused human is always welcome), which in turn helped me use my body to actually express what I wanted to. I have never experienced a rehearsal like this, in which my vision for the piece was being considered first. It was so freeing. And exciting!

Zenaida also shared so many of her own thoughts about the iconic solo…little nuggets of absolute gold that I will cherish forever. I am going to put this one out into the universe- I hope this is the first performance of a solo I will grow to know intimately the way Zenaida, Pavlova, and so many other ballerinas have. What an honor.

Here we go.

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