room with a view

The thing about ballet class in the Big Apple that feels the most uniquely New York to me is not the fast tendus or the Rockette in the corner. In fact, it’s precisely not in the room at all…

It’s what’s just outside the windows…those Big City Views.

Sure, 20+ years spent in a studio with barely-there windows could be heightening my appreciation of these giant glass apertures. It’s not like studios with windows don’t exist elsewhere in the world, but there’s a certain sense of weightlessness that comes with saut de chat-ing toward a window on the 5th floor of a high rise building you just can’t find anywhere but here.

…as if you just might fly right out and join the skyline. Tip-toe across the manmade treetops, floating above the bustle below. I spend barre letting the sun warm me up or watching rain color the concrete black. Count the cornices on the 5th floor next door.

This post has no profound meaning, moral, or musing. It is just to say, hey, have you ever danced in a sunny studio way up high in the sky? I can’t believe I almost missed this chance to fly.

Featured studios: Steps NYC, Gibney Dance, Battery Dance.

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